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An individually crafted, one-of-a-kind pendant made of the finest silver, your stunning necklace will feature the fingerprint of your loved one. You may also choose a pearl charm and a custom hand stamped tag.

Why a life pendant?

  •   > Celebrate a wedding or anniversary with the gift of his and hers pendants.
  •   > Keep your missionary close by wearing their print.
  •   > An elegant alternative as a mother's necklace.
  •   > The perfect gift for anyone who is grieving. Especially for those who have lost a member of their family.
  •   > Leave a legacy for your children to keep for a lifetime.

  • Keep it close. Wear it always.

What makes us Different

    People often ask how our Life Pendant fingerprint pendants are different from similar ones they see online or in a display. Our answer is a simple one, easy not only to the understanding, but to the eye. The first step in creating a pendant is obtaining an impression of the print desired in the silver itself. Yes, literally. This does mean that we get to meet lots of babies, kids, and couples. And yes, it means we make lots of trips to mortuaries to capture fingerprint impressions of the very most tender kind, and for the final time.

    Most other companies offer a pendant which features a computer generated fingerprint. An ink fingerprint is scanned, the data sent to a laser etching machine, which duplicates the print, sized to fit, on the pendant. It is, literally, a laser etched picture of an ink fingerprint. This can allow for a keepsake pendant to be made when it's too late or impossible to capture one otherwise, and we refer folks to them when they call us after the fact.

    The difference people love most, however, is being able to feel the print on a Life Pendant- to hold it in your hand and know that the finger of the person you love rested right there. You can see it, you can feel it with your own fingertip, and you can feel the connection with them in your heart. It is a wonderous thing that provides powerful comfort, and that is why we do what we do...

    We absolutely love being able to provide that for people.

Some of our options

Leather Key fob

Featuring a specially treated Life Pendant, our full grain leather Key Fob is an option for those seeking a secure yet rugged display for their keepsake. Starting at $90.00 each

Mens Tie Tack

Bangle Bracelet

Bracelets are quite popular, we offer them in Sterling Silver. Starting at $130.00 each

Classic Necklace

Classic Necklace

Classic necklace featuring a pure silver Life Pendant with a tiny, hand stamped tag and freshwater pearl or crystal charm. Starting at $100.00 each

Mens Tie Tack

Men's Tie Tack

Laser Soldered for a secure attachment. Available in Bright or tarnished finish. Starting at $100.00 each

Simple Necklace

Simple Necklace On Leather

A simple Life Pendant in bright silver on a sterling chain or tarnished on a leather cord. Starting at $80.00 each



A Life Pendant in the purest sense, undrilled and unencumbered. intended for use in a shadow box. some choose to keep it in a pocket or wallet. Starting at $70.00 each

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